Benchmarking the A5808-32 Quad Core Opteron 8 socket 32 way

Our recent announcement of updated configuration for A5808-32 received a good deal of interest. The new configuration supports up to 8 Quad core AMD Opteron (Barcelona) processors and 256 GB of DDR II 667 MHz memory modules. Effectively the 8 socket system is transformed in to a 32-way Opteron system. It opens up a wide range of applications for a lot of our customers. For starters, it can become a desk side HPC system. We will shortly be announcing this system with a very unique form factor that will make it even more attractive for desk side HPC applications.

We have been seeing some really interested customers who cant wait to get one on their hands. It is a good encouragement for us to continue working on high end high performance systems.

InĀ  order to demonstrate tangible benefits of the system configuration, we have decided to publish a number of industry standard benchmarks. As a part of this exercise, we have finalized on the following benchmarks to port, optimize and execute on A5808-32.

  • STREAM – measures memory bandwidth
  • LMBench -Measures bandwidth and latency for a number of common subsystems like memory, IO, network etc
  • SPEC CPU2006 – Measures CPU performance and system scalability for a range of real world applications
  • LLCBench – Measures sustained CPU performance, cache latencies and MPI benchmarks

We will be executing these benchmarks with various tools like GCC, SUN Studio 12, PGI and PathScale.

Keep watching for results.

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