RedHat/AMD trumps VMWare/Intel on live VM migration technology

In this YouTube video, RedHat & AMD demonstrate live migration of a virtual machine from Intel based server to an AMD based server.

Ever since Intel bought a stake in VMWare, VMWare products have noticeably and obviously featured enhancements for Intel processors. One of the coolest things to come out after the VMWare/Intel alliance was the capability to move virtual machines from one generation of Intel processors to another generation of Intel processors. This capability is markted as “VMWare Enhanced VMotion” and “Intel VT FlexMigration”. FlexMigration was a much needed feature given how incompatible one generation of Intel processors are from the other. Intel being one of the biggest investors, VMWare may be reluctant to provide enhancements to VMWare that work better with AMD’s products. A related post is here .

With the new demonstration, AMD might see this as a way to co-exist in data centers that are exclusive to Intel. When power, rack space and heating costs are going up, virtualization is efficiently consolidating hardware for a good number of today’s applications. FlexMigration allowed the customers to be able to invest in the (almost) entire Intel product line without worrying about the incompatibilities when trying to use VMWare VMotion.However, the same technology will prevent customers from investing in AMD technology becasue they will be unable to migrate workloads without downtime.

Regardless of business decisions, this capability, when it is commercialized, will put the choice back in customers hands.

Good stuff.

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