Hyper-V on 16 core AMD Opteron system (A5808-32)

After a successful install and test of x86 Windows Server 2008, it was time to put the x64 version through the same test.

We will talk about the x64 installation and experiences in another post.In this post, we will focus on the Hyper-V installation, configuration and experiences on our 16 core AMD Opteron server, A5808-32.

Hyper-V is the new Microsoft hypervisor technology included with certain SKUs of Windows Server 2008 x64 version. Hyper-V, included in the Windows Server 2008 RC1, is still in beta stages.


Hyper-V is a new server role. This role has to be added after Windows Server 2008 installs and boots up. This installs the Hypervisor and reboots the server.

Hyper-V installation

Now a new role shows up under “Roles” in the “Server Manager”. The new role is “Hyper-V” and has the new category “Microsoft Hyper-V Servers”. Your server will show up under this category. In the future, we may see other categories than just “Microsoft Hyper-V Servers”. This could be a place holder for the future management framework talked about here.

Creating a new VM is pretty straight forward. Select New->Virtual machine from the Server Manager and follow the wizard. Here is a screen shot of FedoraCore 6 x86_64 installation. Look, Ma … Linux on Windows!

New VM - Hyper-V

New VM boot up - Hyper-V

FedoraCore 6 on Hyper-V

Next up, Windows XP. Here is a screenshot of Windows XP install and FC6 & Windows XP VMs active on the Hyper-V server.

Windows XP installation on Hyper-V

FC6 and Windows XP on Hyper-V

Over all experience:

It works well. We did not face any major issues with installation of Hyper-V or of VM’s. The management capabilities are polished. High Availability (HA) is implemented as a part of the Windows HA services.

There was no problem with mouse or keyboard inputs. No sticky mouse issues.

Certain Linux distros need noacpi flag to boot as VMs under Hyper-V.

Microsoft integration services CD ROM was not recognized by FC6. It logs “this disc does not contain any tracks I recognize.” Anyway, the integration services are suported only on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2008.

Installation of both Windows XP and FC 6 was much longer than on VMWare or an actual system.

For a beta release, Hyper-V is suprisingly fully usable and comes fully integrated with Window Server 2008.

As per release notes, Hyper-V does not support more than 16 cores. So we configured our 32-core system with only 16 cores.

Future Work:

Test HA services

Capacity Planning

Quick Migration


We used remote desktop connection to connect to the server and manage it. Once the mouse is captured inside the VM, there is no way to release it without going to the console of the Windows server and releasing it from there. Also the we could not use the mouse inside the FC6 from Remote Dektop. We could not find what the key sequence was to send Ctrl+Alt+<– to the remote machine using RemoteDekstop. Hopefully once a standalone application, like VI3, is released for Windows Hypervisor, it would be much easier to manage.


If you are looking for detailed installation instructions, this post is useful.

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  3. dsumner says:

    I have installed Windows XP on Hyper-V Beta, but the mouse is not working and there are no network adapters. Were you able to get these working properly?

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