Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 on 32 cores

Windows Server 2008 hit RC1 milestone recently. Windows Server is a popular choice on our 8 socket Opteron server, A5808-32, for a number of customers. RC1 is a good time for small vendors to test the compatibility of the OS with their servers and storage.

Here is a screen shot of Windows Server 2008 RC1 with 32 cores – 8 sockets, quad core AMD Opteron. This is the x86 version with full install.

Windows Server 2008 RC 1 32 cores

Notice in the screen shot a report from CPU-Z utility – 8 processors, 4 cores and processor model. Windows version is displayed in the winver dialog and on the extreme left is the list of processors from the windows device manager.

Installation experiences:

  • First install hung at 60%. Cold restart
  • No video driver. Standard VGA. Well, you wouldn’t want Aero interface on your server anyway. We did not try to install the Windows 2003 version of the driver as the display was very usable.
  • All NIC’s successfully detected
  • On-board SATA successfully detected
  • 32-cores (8 sockets) successfully detected
  • System was configured with only 16GB instead of the maximum 256GB. We do not see any issues for use with 256GB
  • iSCSI initiator successfully mounted a remote volume
  • Windows “System” control panel applet does not display processor or memory details.

Now to try the x64 and Hyper-V versions. Stay tuned.



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