Memory Latency on AMD Opteron 2354

In the continuing posts regarding our benchmarking exercise, we now share the memory latencies on AMD Opteron 2354.

 The setup is essentially same as described in the previous posts. I will refrain from detailing the same for brevity.

LMBench 3.0 Alpha 8 was used to measure the memory latencies.

Here are the numbers:

L1 cache: 1.366 ns

L2 cache: 5.99 ns

Main Memory: 89.1

Random Memory: 184.0

The latencies look good so far.  The main memory latency is little bit higher than the latency from AMD Opteron 22xx series. However, Opteron 23xx series has an additional shared L3 cache of 2 MB. From other reviews on the web, it look slike this additional L3 cache is adding the latency.

Its the first cut … More numbers too come soon.

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