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AMD delivers OpenCL SDK beta for x86

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

AMD announced the availability of OpenCL SDK for x86 processor cores.

The first publicly available beta of OpenCL SDK will allow developers to write portable code supporting both x86 processors and compatible GPUs. At release, OpenCL SDK will be delivered as a part of the ATI Stream Software Development Kit.

For the uninitiated, OpenCL is an open programming standard, supported by a number of industry vendors, for writing source code to target multi-core CPUs and GPU execution units. OpenCL is designed ground up to support parallel computing paradigms using task-based and data-based parallelism.

NVidia also has an SDK in the works and we can expect to see NVidia’s version very soon, esp. after their continued demos at SIGGRPAH. NVIDIA’s SDK will, obviously, support NVIDIA GPU’s. If they will support x86 cores, is yet to be seen. AMD, on the other hand, has an incentive to support x86 cores and GPU in its release. It will accelerate adoption of ATI Stream GPU’s and Opteron processors. AMD is in a unique position because of its product line – GPU & x86 CPU, whereas, NVIDIA has only GPU and Intel has only CPU. Let’s hope AMD manages to take advantage this opportunity.

AMD’s OpenCL demo with AMD Opteron Istanbul is below. This demo is on a 4 socket AMD Opteron system with six core Istanbul processor. I cant wait to try it on our 48 core AMD Opteron system (8 socket) with Istanbul processors.